Sinistre résolution au Congrès américain

L'ambiguïté finit de s'estomper dans les relations entre les États-Unis et la Russie... À surveiller, impérativement. Voici la sinistre résolution 758.

"-Calls on the President to provide the government of Ukraine with necessary defense articles, services, and intelligence in order to defend its territory and sovereignty. -Calls on North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies and U.S. partners to suspend military cooperation with Russia. [...] -Urges the President, in consultation with Congress, to review the Treaty readiness of U.S. and NATO armed forces. -Urges the President to hold the Russian Federation accountable for violations of its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. [...] -Urges the President to work with Asian, European, and other allies to develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure the Russian Federation is not able to gain any benefit by its development of military systems that violate the INF Treaty; [...] -Calls on the United States Department of State to identify positions at key diplomatic posts in Europe to evaluate the political, economic, and cultural influence of Russia and Russian state-sponsored media and to coordinate with host governments on appropriate responses; [...] -Calls on the President and the Department of State to develop a strategy to produce or otherwise procure and distribute news and information in the Russian language to countries with significant Russian-speaking populations."

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